Transitional Outerwear – Trench Coat

Created for Army officers before the First World War, this timeless piece is a wardrobe legend and a transitional weather must. Its weight, versatility and polish makes it essencial for the unpredictable weather of the transitional seasons. You can wear it at night,  adding a cool factor to an evening look or during the day, dressing up a casual outfit. Try on different styles and colors to find the best fit for you!


This universal piece of outerwear is not only multifunctional by itself but also in terms of being used with almost any piece of garment. You can wear it not only with trousers, jumpsuits, skirts, and dresses, but also with shorts and rompers. Just remember that while pairing a skirt with a short or medium length trench coat, mind the skirt to always be shorter than the coat itself in that way sustaining the symmetry in your look.