How to wear denim shirts

Denim is a classic fabric in most wardrobes and can be a key resource on outfits, not only on trousers or skirts but also shirts. They are easy to match with other pieces and are available in a wide range of cuts, washes, colours and prices. This way is not difficult to find one that will adapt to your needs!

It is a more casual piece but in a wide range of casual. It is very versatile, and it depends on the cut and colour of the shirt you are wearing. Also, on how you make the styling of the whole outfit.

The denim/ chambray shirt can be donned in different seasons. During the autumn and winter as a layering piece or during the hotter days, as a third piece. It is a good investment because the fabric is durable and the shirt is atemporal. In this case, if you buy a more classic shirt (cut and colour) is better, because it will last longer once it is not a trendy item.

Thanks to the wide range of models and combinations possible, with both other clothes and accessories, the jeans shirt can fit very well in any style and personality. When choosing, make sure to observe, besides the washing of the denim, the length and the fit to ensure the desired effect!

Here are some examples by Olivia Palermo!

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