5 tricks to correct makeup mistakes

These little tips are basic but very useful – to correct makeup mistakes that happen when we are finishing our face. You don’t have to start all over! I use this tricks a lot, and I believe they will help you finish your makeup as if nothing happened.


Mascara smudged: This usually happens when someone has long lashes or when we make a mistake when applying makeup. Just let the mascara dry completely, continue with your makeup and only after a few minutes go back to the smudged area with a cotton swab or eyebrow brush and wipe the mascara away.


Dark lipstick smudged: Dark lipsticks are very tricky to apply correctly, we always end up with it outside the lips. When that happens, I use a dry cotton swab all around my mouth at once with firm movements and, after that, I do the same thing with a brush with concealer. This is going to remove the lipstick and help to define the lips.


Too much blush: If you were a bit heavy handed with your blush or bronzer, use a fluffy foundation brush, with a bit of your foundation, and rub lightly in circular movements until the blush fades away.


Applying eyeliner: Without practice, it is impossible to perfect how you apply your eyeliner, so it is natural to make one eye different from the other until you have mastered it. To fix it, just get a cotton swab, dip a little bit in water and erase the tip of the eyeliner.


Eyeshadow dust: With a clean blending brush and some translucent powder, use them to slowly take the eyeshadow away. To avoid this trouble, put makeup on your eyes before your skin, especially with dark eyeshadows.


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