Fine hair care

Those who have fine hair know how hard it is to keep it healthy. The task is definitely not easy and so I’m going to give some very basic tips, but that will greatly help those who live this daily battle!

Let’s start by talking about brushing: the thinner threads are very delicate and, if not groomed carefully, they may break, causing that frizz that bothers women.  An alternative is to choose brushes without “balls” on the ends because they can twist and break the hair strands.


Another tip that makes all the difference is to use a pre-shampoo on the ends of the hair before washing it. It sounds silly, but that changes everything! The more delicate hair strands dry very much when they come in direct contact with the shampoo, so the order is always to protect it!

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A recurring problem in fine hair is double ends because they appear more easily on fine strands. It is always very important to cut the tips of the hair frequently, usually, every two or three months.


Another recommendation is to never sleep with damp or wet hair! It is also important not to hold hair with elastic bands that have metal, they can screw on the strands and break them. Give preference to soft elastic bands with no metal or jaw clips.


Use nourishing products on your hair and treat it with a lot of care. The strands, previously dry and lifeless, will always look healthy and hydrated.