Expression lines below the eyes: how to minimize it with makeup?

A  frequent question from women regarding makeup is “How can I mitigate the expression lines beneath my eyes?”. To the surprise of some, the tactic is very simple.


First of all, drink plenty of water to keep the body properly hydrated, since this is a beneficial action throughout the body.

Then know that it is necessary to invest in a good primer or eye cream that is applied in this region in order to give a luscious effect on the skin.


Only in the case of oily skin, restrict the use of the cosmetic only to the region below the eyes, and then apply the concealer after the foundation. Never, under any circumstances, apply powder to this area of the face (keep away from the baking technique for under the eyes), as they accentuate the lines of expression and may even contribute to the appearance of possible bags under the eyes.
Now the summer is near, if you love to roast in the sun or just have dry skin, I suggest you do those tricks and feel the noticeable difference that these procedures will convey to you.

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