Graduation: The best hairstyles

One of the most awaited moments in the student’s life, the graduation deserves a production to match the event. However, with the gown covering the chosen look and the cap being the center of the attention in the head, it is necessary a little of creativity to enhance the look on the long awaited occasion. To receive the diploma in style, here are a few tips.


Straight and wavy hair are good options if you plan on using your hair loose

Loose hair is the bet of most women for graduation. A simple blow dry ensures smooth, beautiful hair in place all day long. For this option, invest in products that maintain the effect of the blow dry for a longer time, like anti-frizz products. The nervousness, the long hour under the sun (or strong lights of the stage) and the heat caused by the gown can cause sweat and frizz on the hair. With the blow dry finished, boost the shine of the hair with shine spray.

To escape from straight hair, one option is to curl the locks. There are several ways to make the Babyliss, creating definite curls or just light and wide waves, at the tips or the entire length of hair. To give more prominence to the whole loose hairstyle, bet on tiaras, loops or rhinestones, that do not fight with the cap.


Tied hair must be low and with no volume

Who wants to escape the traditional loose threads can bet on simple, low and volumeless hair so that the cap does not spoil or mark the hairstyle during the ceremony. Good options are the ponytail or tied on the lateral. The textured locks guarantee style and fade from the ordinary.


Braids please all styles

Braids are a great option for those looking for an enhanced look. There are several versions, such as traditional, embedded or fishbone. The options for any length of hair are endless and contemplate several styles. The braids also work as detail to turbine semi-tied hairstyles and buns.



Buns guarantee a sophisticated look

For graduation, buns should be low or lateral, with few undulations. The hairstyle is simple to make and guarantees a sophisticated look. Vary the style with twisted or braided strands, try a different strand from the one you normally wear or highlight the fringe.


Photos: Pinterest, BelezaExtraordinaria

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