My favourite products to retouch makeup

No matter if you applied your makeup perfectly, after a few hours it begins to fade, there is no way. Even using primers and good products it is natural that the blush is a little weaker, that the lipstick fades and the skin glows a little. During the week, I usually do the makeup early before I go to work and stay with it all day, so I ended up choosing a few retouching favourites – products that help make that brand new, untouched face look. In my retouching kit I always have:

Radiant Creamy Concealer by Nars

Liquid concealer

My favorite concealer is the Pro Longwear from MAC, I use it every day. It is a very potent concealer, of medium to thick texture, so I do not think it’s a good idea to apply another layer of it over the one already on my skin. Right now I have two favourites for that: Clinique’s Line Smoothing Concealer and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I prefer liquid correctives (especially for the under eye area) and both are light, perfect for retouching that corrective that has been on the skin for more than 4 hours and it is beginning to disappear.

Blot Pressed Powder by MAC

Translucent Powder

Whenever I make a stronger makeup look (for parties, for example) I use a powder with colour. With the passing of the hours the grease usually appears and the idea of applying more powder on top does not please me. My favourite powder for retouching  time is MAC Blot Powder. It has virtually no color, is super light and is perfect for controlling oiliness. Plus it has a mirror and it is great to carry on your purse!

MAC Eye Shadow - Phloof
MAC Eye Shadow – Phloof!

Illuminating Eyeshadow

I love wearing a light shadow to illuminate the inner corner of my eyes – the effect is beautiful! Because it is an area very close to the tear duct, it fades away easily. After about four hours using makeup, always reinforce the shadow of this region, it is going to make a lot of difference!

eye drop
Eye Drop

Eye Drop

I wear contact lenses because of myopia and after a few hours, the eye gets dry, often reddish. It looks tired like I need to get some more sleep! A good eye drop helps at this time, you only have to be careful that it does not run down your face,  ruining the makeup.

high beam benefit
High Beam by Benefit

Blush and Highlighter

These two take a time to fade, but after six hours wearing the same makeup I like to strengthen them – and the highlighter is great for disguising the tiredness!

Eyelashes Glue

Fake Eyelashes Glue

There’s nothing more annoying than eyelashes falling off your eyes! Whenever I wear fake lashes, I leave with the glue in the bag, they have already fallen off on more than one occasion!

Rouge allure experimente
Rouge Allure Ink by Chanel

Lipstick of the day

You can’t leave this behind, especially if you choose a darker shade!

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