Travel Bag: How to Store Cosmetics in the Suitcase

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How to pack cosmetics in the suitcase

You arrive at the hotel and, after collapsing in bed, open the suitcase to begin organizing your coats and clothes. Suddenly, a scent of sunscreen takes over the entire room and you notice that the bottle – that traitor – exploded right in the middle of the underwear. It is so frustrating!

If the situation never happened to you (a rarity!), I am going to share six tips so that your good luck continues and your cosmetics never leak into the suitcase. Now, if you’ve been through the drama, they’ll help you never go trough that again!

  1. Never carry new and completely filled bottles. Put some of your beauty potions in empty, self-contained packs for travel;
  2. Prefer bottles with screw cap instead of plug, which is safer;
  3. Wrap each bottle with adherent paper and duplicate the safety by placing all the liquids in a plastic bag (it is easier to clean than a cosmetics bag), separated from the rest of the hygiene contents;
  4. If the cap is slightly loose, make a “skirt” for your bottle. Open the lid, place a piece of paper adhering over the neck, and then close the lid;
  5. Tighten the products that come in a tube to exhale the air before placing in the bag. This should reduce the pressure and the probability of bursting is lower;
  6. Fragile bottles of fragrances can be wrapped in bubble wrap to cushion possible impacts. Before, use masking tape on the spray nozzle.

Have a wonderful trip!

Photo: Pexels

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