9 Tips To Avoid Having Your Suitcase Misplaced During Your Flight


Losing your suitcase is the nightmare of any traveler. If this has happened to you, stay calm, there are ways to keep it from repeating itself. After all, no one deserves to come on vacation and be without a change of clothes! Here are 9 tricks that can help to avoid this situation:

1- Remove all stickers from previous flights

If you find it beautiful to see your suitcase with a bunch of stickers from previous flights, you run a serious risk of not finding yours on the baggage carousel on your next trip. It may end up in the destination of some flight you’ve done in the past. The ideal situation is to put only your personal data on it.

2- Check-in in advance

According to airport officials, the most common cause of lost luggage is the late check-in. The later you do, the more likely it is that the suitcase will not arrive in time for the plane, especially if you are at a large airport.

3- Ask them to put a ‘fragile’ tag on your luggage

This is a well-known trick of Internet users. Let the airline official know that you have fragile things in your bag. They will glue the indicated adhesive and it is more likely that the bag is treated with ‘care’ and do not get lost.


4- The luggage must have bright colors, but it’s good that they do not look very expensive

It is simple: a suitcase that looks expensive may end up in the hands of others and a black suitcase may end up in the hands of many other passengers who have an equal. It is best to choose a flashy color, but that does not look expensive.

5- Calculate connection time well

This one happened to me, right before Christmas!  In general, the bags are lost much less on direct flights. Connected flights are often trickier, especially if the connection is too fast. This makes more likely for the suitcase to not reach the other plane in time.

6- Wear protection or a special cover

Incredibly, it looks like airport baggage protections do work to prevent theft and to protect your suitcase! My sister swears by this.


7- If you have something very valuable in your suitcase, take out insurance

To avoid problems, whenever you have something very valuable in the suitcase it is better to take out insurance.

8- Use the hubs

Hub is a designation given to the airport used by an airline as a point of connection to transfer its passengers to the intended destination. Every company has its hub. According to Forbes, the baggage handling is much better.

9- Use a GPS tracker

If your bag has already been lost or if you worry too much that one day it will get lost, maybe a GPS tracker can help you. This small device is able to determine the coordinates by satellite and transmit the information to the cell phone or to the email of the owner.

Travel safely!

Images: Pexels/ Pixabay

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