Hairstyle inspiration for the weekend


This weekend I am going to try a braid tiara! It is not a hairstyle easy to do at first, but it is worth to give it a try because it looks very pretty and polished!

The hairstyle is ideal for everybody because just by shredding and giving a little volume to the fringe, all types of faces are elongated.

Here is a helpful guide:

To make a braid tiara, start with a blow dry with a smooth finish. Then separate two strands at the height of the ears, make two braids, cross them over the head to form a tiara and fasten with hair pins. To make it even more polished (and like the woman in the picture above), complete the production by dividing the front of the hair in the middle and hanging behind the head – overlapping the braid – to form a hairstyle half-trapped. Finish with hair spray.


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