5 little tips to perfect your makeup routine

Taking care of yourself and applying makeup can make all the difference in our daily routines, right?! Sometimes we find difficult to apply a product, having the feeling that it is damaged or needs to be replaced. To prevent this from happening, here are some (good old) techniques that will make all the difference in your makeup!


  • The first step to having a perfect skin is to moisturize it very well. If you do not have a BB cream, use a mixture of sunscreen with liquid foundation on your face. Mix them first at the tips of your fingers and gently rub on the face with the aid of a brush. This tactic can serve as the primer for other products and will avoid the dreaded “face cracking”.
  • If your eye pencil is failing, take the tip and put it facing the hair dryer for a few seconds. Wait until it cools down and apply it again.
  • If your mascara is dry and you feel difficulty in handling it, just pick up a container with warm water and leave the tube submerged for a few moments. Within minutes you can easily apply it.
  • Before applying lipstick on the lips, put on a layer of lip balm, as the hydration facilitates the penetration of the product and yields that lush effect.
  • Do you want to give a matte effect to your lips? Dust a little bit of translucent powder over any creamy lipstick.

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