Hairstyle inspiration for the weekend

This weekends inspiration comes from an actress of one of my all time favourite shows: Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. The lateral fishtail braid she is wearing here is lovely. I may have a soft spot for braids, as you can see here and here! If like me, you find it difficult to make a nice fishtail braid, you can make a regular one and it will also look fantastic!


Sarah Hyland’s braid is a super-classic and versatile hairstyle, which can be used by women with all shapes of faces. Use a hair ointment throughout the length of the hair and then make a voluminous blow dry, then split the hair into wicks and apply a curling iron – this will make the strands more messy and unobtrusive.Get the whole hair and position it to the side.Trim the threads in two or three and begin to braid them – fasten with a transparent hair band.

Use the curling iron to mark the strands of the fringe – loose, they soften the face. Finish the hairstyle with a good hairspray.

Photo: Pinterest

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