We take care of our hair so much, have you ever considered thought that eyelashes deserve triplicate effort, after all, they are only a few? And with the continuous use of makeup, they need this extra care!

Even if you have a lot of lashes, and have never noticed them failing, it is good to keep an eye on such a sensitive area that deserves 100% attention. Do you know the 10 things you should never do (or at least try to avoid) when it comes to eyelashes?


1. Sleeping with mascara on. It seems obvious, but confess, who never slept with mascara? Even when you’re not even in makeup, but did you apply a bit of mascara? Well, take it off too! The friction with the pillowcase and even the extra time on will damage your lashes.

2. Remove makeup vigorously. Do not do it! It’s your face, be it delicate, not only look for soft tools (cotton, specific wipes), and a gentle make-up remover as well. And the main part: do not rub, let the makeup “melt”.

3. Waterproof mascara. If it does not come out even if you had cried a lot, it’s best to avoid it. Use it only on your wedding day, etc.

4. Using the eyelash curler after the mascara. This seems innocent but is very bad! When reversing this natural order of things, the mascara ends up clinging to the eyelash curler and thus inevitably pulling out your eyelashes.

5. Using the eyelash curler too close to the eyelid. Do you know that limit that we seek from the pinch? Well, avoid, this weakens the root of the lashes and not only breaking them but also preventing new cilia from being born.

eyelashes care 2

6. Beware of lumpy mascara. Do you know when that ball of mascara is on your beautiful eyelashes and automatically, as in a beauté instinct, you pull it off with your nail? Well, wrong! It weakens the lashes and you know what can happen. To eliminate it, take a cotton swab with makeup remover and melt it.

7. Wear false eyelashes very regularly. A delight, we love it, but sometimes give your lashes a rest! The glue used can clog the follicles and in a distant future – I hope – you may have to rely on the hairpieces permanently and that you do not want to.

8. Watch out for the extension of lashes. The procedure is fashionable, it can be really cool but look for places you can trust. For it is a delicate area and you can often end up having not only problems like loss of eyelashes (especially when the fake ones fall, the originals go together) and also allergy with the used products.

9. Run away from overdue mascara. This is quite obvious, but I remind you that the validity of mascara is between 3 to 6 months, so be careful.

10. Rubbing your eyes. Not only does this habit enhances – and creates – dark circles, but it can also damage the eyelashes.

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