Hairstyle inspiration for the weekend

This weekends inspiration comes from an actress of one of my all time favourite shows: Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. The lateral fishtail braid she is wearing here is lovely. I may have a soft spot for braids, as you can see here and here! If like me, you find it difficult to make a nice fishtail braid, you can make a regular one and it will also look fantastic!


Sarah Hyland’s braid is a super-classic and versatile hairstyle, which can be used by women with all shapes of faces. Use a hair ointment throughout the length of the hair and then make a voluminous blow dry, then split the hair into wicks and apply a curling iron – this will make the strands more messy and unobtrusive.Get the whole hair and position it to the side.Trim the threads in two or three and begin to braid them – fasten with a transparent hair band.

Use the curling iron to mark the strands of the fringe – loose, they soften the face. Finish the hairstyle with a good hairspray.

Photo: Pinterest

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5 little tips to perfect your makeup routine

Taking care of yourself and applying makeup can make all the difference in our daily routines, right?! Sometimes we find difficult to apply a product, having the feeling that it is damaged or needs to be replaced. To prevent this from happening, here are some (good old) techniques that will make all the difference in your makeup!


  • The first step to having a perfect skin is to moisturize it very well. If you do not have a BB cream, use a mixture of sunscreen with liquid foundation on your face. Mix them first at the tips of your fingers and gently rub on the face with the aid of a brush. This tactic can serve as the primer for other products and will avoid the dreaded “face cracking”.
  • If your eye pencil is failing, take the tip and put it facing the hair dryer for a few seconds. Wait until it cools down and apply it again.
  • If your mascara is dry and you feel difficulty in handling it, just pick up a container with warm water and leave the tube submerged for a few moments. Within minutes you can easily apply it.
  • Before applying lipstick on the lips, put on a layer of lip balm, as the hydration facilitates the penetration of the product and yields that lush effect.
  • Do you want to give a matte effect to your lips? Dust a little bit of translucent powder over any creamy lipstick.

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Hairstyle inspiration for the weekend

My hair does not have volume, at all. Then, of course, I am drawn to hairstyles with a lot of it 🙂 !  I think this particular voluminous ponytail can be something I will be able to pull it off, with lots of volumizing hair products and a good curling iron!


Start with a Chelsea blow dry – before, pass a volumizing hair mousse on the length of the hair to ensure the volume and fixation of the waves. Make upward movements with the root to add volume. Then throw some styling powder only at the roots to add more volume.

You can take a few strands on the side of the head and make a braid or a thin twist. You can also choose some interlaced strands and end with a curling iron to give this look of movement.


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Nail polish of the week

This week I choose a classic colour: Lost on Lombard by OPI, a  traditional dark red.


It is an oxblood enamel with a creamy finish (very autumnal colour). OPI Lost on Lombard is a feminine, classic tonality that perfectly blends sophistication with seduction.

OPI Lost on Lombard has a very soft lighting effect. This color is a classic, but it never goes out of style! It accompanies you in your work environment or at a friends’ lunch. It is perfect for a formal or laid-back meeting, a family cinema or a romantic get-together.

I think the formula is great, two thin coats were enough to completely cover my nails!

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Hairstyle inspiration for the weekend

I have an engagement dinner this weekend and I think it is a perfect opportunity to try this small lateral twist! It is fun but nice hairstyle for this kind of event and also perfect for the summer! If you have good hair skills (or a good hairdresser) you can make a small lateral braid, it is also very nice.


The coolest thing about this hairstyle is that girls with curly or wavy hair can use it in a natural way without having to blow dry the hair. The volume and curls they already have naturally are the main characters of this look. To achieve the polished effect of the photo above, make a solution with a gel of high fixation and water, sprinkle it on the roots and fasten it in a ponytail at the nape of the neck. You can also use a strong hold hairspray. If you have a fringe, mix the strands with the rest of the hair. It is fresh and chic!

Photo: Pinterest

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10 lipstick and eyeshadow combinations that are great!

Inspire yourself with amazing looks that make a good use of colours and get out of the traditional “black eye with nude lipstick”!

When we are doing our makeup, we often turn on the autopilot and repeat the same look over and over again. Of course creating your own style is delightful, but being a little bit daring with our beauty can also bring a lot of fun.

Do you know that party you already have in mind? Inspire yourself in the lipstick and shadow combinations below to be the belle of the ball:

1- Brown eye shadow and pink lips


2- Pink eye shadow and coral lipstick


3- Pink eye shadow and pink lips


4- Wine eye shadow and chamois lipstick


5- Nude eye shadow and pink lipstick


6- Red eye shadow and red lipstick


7- Green eye shadow and mauve lipstick


8- Graphite eye shadow and pearly lip gloss


9- Orange eye shadow and beige lipstick


10- Golden eye shadow and purple lipstick


Photos: Pinterest/ Reproduction

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Hairstyle inspiration for the weekend

A low ponytail is one of the most versatile hairstyles: it goes from running errands on a Saturday morning to cocktail parties and Sunday picnics. We also saw how versatile it is here and here!


The first step is to brush the hair with the aim of leaving it flat on the top of the head and shape the ends.With a thin cord comb, make a line by splitting the hair in half and then position it behind the ear. Then apply some hair ointment to the palms of the hands, distribute them through the hair strands so that they remain close to the scalp and fasten with an elastic band. Complete the ponytail using a lock of hair to go around the ponytail and make it even more sophisticated.

Photo: Pinterest

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Hairstyle inspiration for the weekend


This weekend I am going to try a braid tiara! It is not a hairstyle easy to do at first, but it is worth to give it a try because it looks very pretty and polished!

The hairstyle is ideal for everybody because just by shredding and giving a little volume to the fringe, all types of faces are elongated.

Here is a helpful guide:

To make a braid tiara, start with a blow dry with a smooth finish. Then separate two strands at the height of the ears, make two braids, cross them over the head to form a tiara and fasten with hair pins. To make it even more polished (and like the woman in the picture above), complete the production by dividing the front of the hair in the middle and hanging behind the head – overlapping the braid – to form a hairstyle half-trapped. Finish with hair spray.


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5 beauty investments for travelers

1- Invest in travel sizes


BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution 100ml


Small bottles and containers are always the best options, even if you are traveling by car. Big bottles of shampoo and conditioner take too much space and we never use that much, anyway. The BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution is one of my favourites and already comes in a 100ml package.

2- Oil-Control Blotting Paper


Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper


I can’t live without it! You just press over your face and it removes the oiliness, without removing your makeup!

3- Face cream


Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré 75ml

A powerful face cream, like the Lait-Crème, from Embryolisse, can recover any damage you have done on your skin from either hot or cold weather.It is light and can be used even as a primer for makeup.

4- Dry shampoo


Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Dry Shampoo

It is a makeup bag life savior: it creates volume, masks any excessive oiliness and leaves the hair with a natural texture.

5- Light colored nail polish


CHANEL Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour

Dark and colourful enamels tend to get older faster. So, for long trips, light colored nail polishes (that are also lovely) make chips harder to see.




Hairstyle inspiration for the weekend

Making a hairstyle with hair up can be a great option during the hottest days of the year. Ponytails are very versatile and can go from running errands during the day to formal parties. It is so pretty and so simple!


You can add volume to the front part of hair just following these simple steps:

1- Begin the style by creating a large triangle section of hair from your crown to the recession of your hairline.
2- Tease this triangle section. If your hair is super soft, add a little hairspray to the section for texture and hold.
3- Pull the teased triangle section of hair back towards your crown. Twist the hair, push it up a bit and secure with a bobby pin. Pushing up your section before securing it will give you added height.
4- Comb remaining hair back to the desired height of your ponytail. Pull tightly to keep the hair smooth.
5- Secure the ponytail with a hair band.
6- Take a small section of hair out of your ponytail, wrap it around the hair band and secure the ends of your section with a bobby pin underneath the band to conceal it and create a more polished look.
Photos: Marie Claire

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