5 little tips to perfect your makeup routine

Taking care of yourself and applying makeup can make all the difference in our daily routines, right?! Sometimes we find difficult to apply a product, having the feeling that it is damaged or needs to be replaced. To prevent this from happening, here are some (good old) techniques that will make all the difference in your makeup!


  • The first step to having a perfect skin is to moisturize it very well. If you do not have a BB cream, use a mixture of sunscreen with liquid foundation on your face. Mix them first at the tips of your fingers and gently rub on the face with the aid of a brush. This tactic can serve as the primer for other products and will avoid the dreaded “face cracking”.
  • If your eye pencil is failing, take the tip and put it facing the hair dryer for a few seconds. Wait until it cools down and apply it again.
  • If your mascara is dry and you feel difficulty in handling it, just pick up a container with warm water and leave the tube submerged for a few moments. Within minutes you can easily apply it.
  • Before applying lipstick on the lips, put on a layer of lip balm, as the hydration facilitates the penetration of the product and yields that lush effect.
  • Do you want to give a matte effect to your lips? Dust a little bit of translucent powder over any creamy lipstick.

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Travel Bag: How to Store Cosmetics in the Suitcase

pink suitcase
How to pack cosmetics in the suitcase

You arrive at the hotel and, after collapsing in bed, open the suitcase to begin organizing your coats and clothes. Suddenly, a scent of sunscreen takes over the entire room and you notice that the bottle – that traitor – exploded right in the middle of the underwear. It is so frustrating!

If the situation never happened to you (a rarity!), I am going to share six tips so that your good luck continues and your cosmetics never leak into the suitcase. Now, if you’ve been through the drama, they’ll help you never go trough that again!

  1. Never carry new and completely filled bottles. Put some of your beauty potions in empty, self-contained packs for travel;
  2. Prefer bottles with screw cap instead of plug, which is safer;
  3. Wrap each bottle with adherent paper and duplicate the safety by placing all the liquids in a plastic bag (it is easier to clean than a cosmetics bag), separated from the rest of the hygiene contents;
  4. If the cap is slightly loose, make a “skirt” for your bottle. Open the lid, place a piece of paper adhering over the neck, and then close the lid;
  5. Tighten the products that come in a tube to exhale the air before placing in the bag. This should reduce the pressure and the probability of bursting is lower;
  6. Fragile bottles of fragrances can be wrapped in bubble wrap to cushion possible impacts. Before, use masking tape on the spray nozzle.

Have a wonderful trip!

Photo: Pexels

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What is the correct order to apply makeup: 11 useful steps


Should the concealer be applied before or after the foundation? And what comes first: the eyes or the preparation of the skin? Even the makeup experts may already have been in doubt about the order to use the products! To make it more clear, check out this useful step by step guide! And remember, this is just a guide, the right order is the one that is the best for you!

1- Moisturizer or primer

It is terrible to spend a long time doing your makeup and in a few hours it is already cracking, right? To prevent this from happening, the tip is to always use a moisturizer and primer before applying the makeup. So, the products will not only look more beautiful on the skin but also last a lot longer!

2- Eyeshadow

But the makeup does not always start with the skin? You may be wondering, but the reason the eyeshadow is the first step to a flawless makeup is simple: avoid smudging the skin! With the brush, put on the desired colors without fear of smudges because afterwards, you just have to clean any fall outs with a q-tip and makeup remover.

3- Eyeliner


Then it’s time for the eyeliner (if you are going to do that)! With the preferred eyeliner pen, or even with a beveled brush and gel formula, just follow the upper eyelash line and extend it in the outer corner, if you want a kitten eye.

4- Foundation

Now, it’s time for the foundation! Ideal to leave the skin even, to disguise small imperfections and to facilitate the fixation of the other cosmetics, the foundation should be very well spread throughout the face and neck. In addition to choosing the right shade for your skin, it is also important to bet on the right tools.

5- Concealer

There are those who prefer to use the concealer before the foundation to quickly correct small blemishes and dark circles. However, I like to apply it after the foundation because this way you can see the areas that really need to be hidden or illuminated without excess product. In addition, when the skin is already moisturized with the foundation formula, the concealer will not crack and is going become easier to spread.

6- Face powder


It should be applied to the oily regions of the face and also under the eyes, to prevent the concealer from cracking. But it is important to spread the product very well with the help of a fluffy brush or sponge, as excess powder can make the makeup heavy.

7- Contour and Highlight

This step is optional for many people, but I like to do them when I have time! If you like to contour and highlight with cream products, do this step after the foundation and before the powder!

To contour: with a tanning powder, draw a “3” shape on the side of the face: temple, concave of cheek and jaw. For a thinner nose, just apply a little of the product on the sides, and for a shorter forehead, it is worth to leave the part close to the hair darker.

To highlight: with a brush, apply the product – which can also be replaced by a shimmering eyeshadow in golden, white or silver – in the higher regions of the face. Tip of nose and top of cheekbones are the most common, but to give a more bulky appearance to the lips, it is worth putting a little bit also in the cupid bow.

8- Blush

The blush is essential in the makeup! The product should be applied after the compact powder, with the skin finished, to give a more healthy appearance to the face. Just choose the color best suited to your skin tone and apply with a fluffy and beveled brush on the cheekiest part of the cheeks, in a very subtle way.

9- Eyebrows

Use a cotton swab with makeup remover to wipe any traces of products that may have remained on the eyebrows. The next step is to fill the region with your product of choice. Choose the colour carefully!

10- Mascara


To finish the makeup of the eyes, you can not leave mascara behind! It opens the eyes and leaves the look with a more beautiful finish. But it is important to be careful when applying: the trick is to touch the brush at the root of the lashes and make zigzag movements to the ends, repeating the operation until reaching the desired volume. If there are any smudges, use this tip.

11- Lips


Lipliner: It is important to always apply it before the lipstick, as it can be used to draw the outline of the mouth and also all over the lips, to prolong the durability of the product.

Lipstick: It is the “icing on the cake” in makeup, and finishes the looks to perfection. Just choose your favorite color and apply directly on the lips or even with a brush!

Lip gloss: If you like, apply a thin layer over the lipstick.

Photos: Pixabay

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On my lips: 1993

These days I went back to an old favourite the 1993 lipstick by Urban Decay. It is a warm brown hue with a matte finish. Its neutral colour is perfect for everyday use and gives a chic finish to any kind of makeup. It is very comfortable to wear and it is long lasting. I love it!

1993 by Urban Decay

Nail polish of the week

This week I wore Revlon Teak Rose 161 Nail Enamel, a great classic neutral. It is a gorgeous dusty rose pink creme colour which looks very sophisticated on the nails.A great classic to own and very business appropriate without being dull. I think it is also great for parties when you want something on your nails that doesn’t clash with your outfit.



My current favourite face primer

I love primers! Never again will I wear make-up without a good primer and a setting spray (my skin is quite oily). Today I am going to talk about a primer that I love and always go back to The BeneFit Cosmetics The POREfessional. I have tried several, mostly good, but this one is the best! I like this product because it makes my foundation go on so much more smoothly and evenly! It smells delightfully of citrus fruits and lays a great canvas for concealer and foundation alike. My skin feels soft, my pores are significantly minimized, and my makeup remains fresh looking all day long. A great buy!



Nail polish of the week

After a week with nude nails, I was ready for some colour! So I choose one of my favourites, Revlon Cherries in the Snow 270 Nail Enamel. It is medium-bright, pink-red opaque creme polish, classic and beautiful. The colour is different enough to stand off from all the other reds I own. Very feminine and elegant!


  Cherries in the Snow – Revlon


On my lips: Fig

This week my favourite lipstick was Bite Beauty Fig. I had completely forgotten about it! It is a light-medium, rosy pink with warm undertones, satin finish and is also a little bit bright. Good if you want just a pop of colour. I am in love!


Nail polish of the week

I had several work meetings this week, so I decide to use something discreet on my nails (but not boring). The chosen one was Butter London’s Yummy Mummy. I love subtle shimmer in this polish!



            Yummy Mummy