10 lipstick and eyeshadow combinations that are great!

Inspire yourself with amazing looks that make a good use of colours and get out of the traditional "black eye with nude lipstick"! When we are doing our makeup, we often turn on the autopilot and repeat the same look over and over again. Of course creating your own style is delightful, but being a …

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Quick and easy hairstyle

If you are in a hurry or/and you think you are having a bad hair day, a clasp (or barrette) is a great quick and easy way to fix it. It adds refinement to your hairstyle and can make you feel more put together, enhancing your confidence! Photos: www.tendances-de-mode.com and aliexpress.com

Tips to Wear Bracelets

Don't be afraid to look like Wonder Woman! Chunky bracelets are an easy way to make a chic update on any outfit. Three good tips to remember: Wear them over long sleeves Use several bracelets stacked in one arm You can also carry two identical ones, one in each arm