Expression lines below the eyes: how to minimize it with makeup?

A  frequent question from women regarding makeup is “How can I mitigate the expression lines beneath my eyes?”. To the surprise of some, the tactic is very simple.


First of all, drink plenty of water to keep the body properly hydrated, since this is a beneficial action throughout the body.

Then know that it is necessary to invest in a good primer or eye cream that is applied in this region in order to give a luscious effect on the skin.


Only in the case of oily skin, restrict the use of the cosmetic only to the region below the eyes, and then apply the concealer after the foundation. Never, under any circumstances, apply powder to this area of the face (keep away from the baking technique for under the eyes), as they accentuate the lines of expression and may even contribute to the appearance of possible bags under the eyes.
Now the summer is near, if you love to roast in the sun or just have dry skin, I suggest you do those tricks and feel the noticeable difference that these procedures will convey to you.

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3 homemade facial masks that I love

I love face masks! Whenever I have a little time I like to take care of the skin on my face, especially if I am at home. I love and feel renewed in my beauty moments! After all is so much makeup that you end up using on a daily basis, that our skin needs to breathe. However, you do not always have to spend a lot of money to make it healthy and hydrated. For this, set aside a day when you are more relaxed and bet on those home-made masks that are excellent and will leave your skin beautiful.



Let’s start with a super easy one, that will leave your skin smooth and soft! Just apply honey evenly across the face, let it act for 15 minutes and take it out with cold water. Ready! Simple, fast and very efficient!



The cucumber is our best friend when it comes to soothing the skin. Peel a cucumber, reserve two slices for the eyes and mash the rest until a paste is obtained. Apply on the face and relax for 15 minutes or more. Remove with cold water and notice that the skin is fresh and moisturized!

Natural yogurt and tea


Finally, a mask that helps to soften the expression lines: mix a cup of natural yogurt with a teaspoon of fennel seeds and another of crushed leaves of the same plant. Apply the cream all over the face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and remove with warm water. If possible, repeat every day: your skin will thank you.

It is worth remembering that the masks are just a complement to help to make our skin even more beautiful, however, it is important to take care of it daily using sunscreen, moisturizing with creams and cleaning with specific soaps and tonics.

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Physical activities and hair care

When we exercise, we produce more sweat on our bodies and scalps, making the hair greasy and with a not so pleasing appearance. One doubt many women have is if we should always wash our hair, how to tie it and wich products to use. Let’s understand better what to do!


Is it necessary to wash my hair after exercising?

The answer to that is yes! The excess of sweat produced when we exercise can damage the hair strands and the scalp. It is necessary to wash the hair to restore and balance its and the scalp pH.

A lot of women think that washing the hair every day is not good, maybe because some hairdressers recommend to wash it every other day, but actually washing the hair every day does not harm it as long as the proper products are used and the washing is done correctly. Better to wash than to leave hair dirty and sweaty.


Pre and during exercise hair care

Before you start your physical practice, apply a leave-in cream mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil, this will protect the hair and minimize the action of sweat on it.

The vegetable oil has an antioxidant action that guarantees double protection to the hair strands, causing them to fight free radicals and dryness caused by sweat.

During the exercise, care should be focused on how to fasten the locks. It is very important to attach the hair at the time of practice so that, in addition to not getting messy, it also protects the hair from being in contact with the sweat that accumulates in the nape, back, and arms.

Hairstyle: The most indicated hairstyles are those that are on the top of the head so that the hair do not keep in contact with the sweat. A good choice an old-fashioned ponytail, bun, or a braid.
It is very important to use a hair tie that is preferably lined with fabric to prevent the hair strands from breaking and to prevent them from falling on your face.

Junge Frau benutzt Shampoo

After exercise care

After the training, the correct thing is to do the washing of the hair as fast as possible.  The ideal is to do the washing with a transparent shampoo to remove the sweat well and then use a conditioner or a quick-acting moisturizing ampoule.

It is also important not to forget the care after the washing. If possible, it is always good to let the hair dry in the natural, but if you prefer to use the dryer, it is essential to use it with the warm jet away from the strands and apply a thermal protector before, to protect the hair from the heat.

Basic tips to hydrate the skin before and after the makeup

Chamomile tea


We can use some very cold chamomile tea to make compresses all over our face and eyes, to eliminate swelling and even to brighten dark circles, also with anti-inflammatory effects.

Saline solution


Saline solution can be applied to hydrate the skin, getting it ready for makeup. You can use it every day, after washing your face and after removing your makeup. Great results!

Thermal water


A summer must have! The product must be applied on the skin before makeup, to help moisturize and giving the face a healthy glow. After removing makeup, you can wash your face with the thermal water so the skin gets less sensitive to the heat. Any brand in the market can get the job done!